A Healesville cafe with amazing service, great coffee and beautiful food.

Autumn 2019 Menu


 Chicken kofte, watermelon, fennel and basil fattoush  $23

Char grilled minute steak, roasted beets, onion pearls, aioli, wasabi peas and fries  $25

White polenta crumbed ham hock terrine, fried egg, pea sauce and soft herbs  $22

MLK Breakfast- The Beef Joint's free range bacon, pork sausage, house baked beans, brisket and thyme roasted mushrooms  $24

House smoked salmon, potato hash, poached eggs, minted peas, persian fetta, preserved lemon and chilli spinach  $22

Chilli crab omellette with local grilled sourdough, corriander, fried shallots, shoots and ponzu  $21 


 Vegan Nourish Bowl - Tarragon beets, roasted cauliflower, spiced lentils, zucchini, pumpkin and tahini whip $19
Add eggs $24

Zucchini and mint fritters, grilled haloumi, selmariglio, pumpkin and tahini whip  $19
Add eggs  $24

Whipped avo, grilled local sourdough, poached eggs, labneh, dukkah and broad beans  $19

Chickpea falafel, pumpkin tabouleh, eggplant relish, harissa tofu and shoots  $18

Free range eggs, your way, on sourdough toast  $12

French toast, grilled figs, lemon and honey ricotta, candied walnuts and grape fruit  $16

Toasted fruit loaf with butter  $10


 House baked beans on toast $8

Pulled beef slider with cheese and BBQ sauce  $12

Little omellette with tomato, cheese and spinach $10

French toast with berries and ice cream $8